Episode 8

Published on:

14th Aug 2021

Dreams & Equity- Reimagining Saint Louis

In this month's episode, BlackTea is bringing you a hot performance! Your hosts tap into their acting skills to bring you their own interpretation of some of the city's latest juicy political drama, how the COVID-19 relief dollars be spent? If you've been having trouble keeping track of all of the various conversations and proposals don't worry-we got you!. We'll break it all down for you on this episode!

On Community Spotlight we talk with the city's new Executive Director of the Saint Louis Development Corporation (SLDC), Neil Richardson. Neil is a co-founder of Dream Builder's for Equity and an experienced professional in real estate, and community development. As we talk with him we learn about how he cultivated a career in real estate finance, his passions for wanting to give back to St. Louis through his non-profit, and his vision for a more equitable Saint Louis.

But that's not all!

We all know that the Olympics wrapped up with big wins for the US, but did you know that it brought some big wins for St. Louis, too? And what about the veiled racism that was observed? Find out exactly what we mean! Get your cups ready and get into this tea!

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Our primary project is an educational podcast themed on discussing today's socio-political challenges from the perspective of two young black women. Co-founder Jami holds an undergraduate degree in public policy and a master's degree in global affairs. As a professional, she works in real estate, finance, and community development policy. Co-founder Alisha holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology. As a professional, she works in mental health services.

Our goal is to educate and empower our listeners in as many ways as possible and to help them understand how policies and politics are interwoven in our daily lives. One of the primary goals of Black Tea is to normalize politics, political engagement, and critical thinking around these topics. We will do this through education, dialogue, and the occasional action request (such as voting, letter drives, & census completion.) We aim to leverage our backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences to inspire other individuals to take action, invoke change, and uplift the broader

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BlackTea is a podcast and Youtube channel. We are your bottomless cup of empowerment, political education, and black excellence. Every month we bring you raw and uncut news, spilling the tea on all of the latest hot button social issues and events!

This project is funded by The Divided City initiative. The Divided City is a joint project of the Center for the Humanities and the Sam Fox School, College of Architecture and Urban Design at Washington University in St. Louis. The Divided City is funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.